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Deep Car Upholstery Cleansing - Cranham, RM14 by Prolux Carpet Cleaning - Havering, London

Have you ever experienced the following – you are in a rush, almost late for an appointment , drinking latte ,driving and talking on the phone at the same time? You step hard on the brakes at the traffic light and your coffee is spilt all over the carpet and the seats of your car! Awful scene – you’ll wash the most of it from yourself and the vinyl of the dashboard, but what about the carpets and the upholstery? There is a nasty stain left – sticky and smelly. And when your local Cranham RM14 carwash does nothing but spread the stain to the whole seat instead of cleaning it, the difficulty becomes nightmare!

Deep Car Upholstery Valet Services in Cranham, RM14 by Prolux Carpet Cleaners - Havering, London

We, Prolux Carpet RM14, are THE ONLY moving cleaning service that comes to you – your office, home, jobsite…wherever there is access to electricity and is convenient for you! Unlike the local Cranham RM14 carwash, we use the most recent and most powerful apparatus combined with expertise and practice to bring your car’s interior back to its glory days! No matter what the stains are caused by, Prolux Carpet ‘s master-cleaners will take care of it and you won’t even know the stain was there!

Deep Car Upholstery Washing Services in Cranham, RM14 by Prolux Carpet Cleaners - Havering, London

Prolux Carpet is available all the time – even on Bank Holidays! Call our trained office administrators on 020-3318-6387 or 07874-400719 any time you need our assist ! Just tell a member of our staff what the situation is and she give you a quote, availability, advice…any type of help that you request ! Arrange an appointment at time date and time, most suitable for your self – you can trust Prolux Carpet for accuracy and final results – simply an outstanding community service there is!

Deep Car Upholstery Cleansing Services - Cranham, RM14 by Prolux Carpet Cleaning - Havering, London

Still not confident? Still having concerns if you should call exactly us?

Let me tell you why Prolux Carpet RM14 is EXACTLY the company to call. We use the latest, most expensive and most efficient equipment and detergents there are –quite different than the car wash’s ordinary machines and vacuum cleaners. We use only eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions, so none of our customers is left with health problems or concerns! Our cleaning experts have developed a specialized technique of work, that helps them do their job faster and with highest possible results! Here are few of the main steps that they take in order to bring your car’s upholstery back to its perfect condition :

  • First of all, a pre-cleaning checkup of the overall state of the interior is made;
  • Next comes the hoovering –with the help of a powerful machine all the surface filth and litter are dealt with ;
  • After this comes the pre-treatment – an action of applying a specialized cleaning solution, chosen precisely for the type of upholstery of your vehicle ;
  • Now comes the primary cleaning process – using a natural hair brush, all the covering and carpets are getting prepared for the steam cleaning – Prolux Carpet’s cleaners use Pro Chem and Ninja high class steam cleaning machines to remove every bit of dirt, kill all the bacteria and extract all the allergens from the inside of the upholstery and carpets;
  • If there are any sturdy blotches, they receive a second, specialized stain removal treatment – after this you won’t even know the problem existed;
  • Using the powerful motors of our machines, all the dirty water and leftover moisture are drawn out from the cleaned items;
  • A concluding inspection is performed, so we could be sure that a excellent result is achieved;
  • In addition we offer fiber care – a specialized enzyme is applied on the carpets and the seats, so you could be stain-protected for the next 2 to 3 months!

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